Cash register system, Online Store

Help for the use of cash register


The webshop can be offered to your customers in different ways:
- on a screen in the entrance of your store so that your customers can record their order themselves- online via an address you choose, as a website
- integrated into your own website as a shopping cart

Sales made in the online shop are recorded in reports and in the Preparation Management page.
When an online order is placed, you are immediately informed by email.
It is possible to modify all the static texts of your online shop, by using an administrator account, via the preview button in the webshop setup page, then by clicking on the text you want to modify.
It is also possible to change the colors used.
It is possible to choose your domain name to access the online store, this is what you communicate to customers.
- either choose a domain name of the type, just enter an address repecting that structure, the rest being automatically made, and immediate.
- either choose a domain name you own, it is then necessary to edit the CNAME DNS entry of and to assign them the value

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