Billing software, Open and close the cash register

Help for the use of cash register

Opening of the cash register

Before opening your sale point :
- Login to the cash register
- Check paper in the printer
- Navigate to the page "Sales"
- Click on "Open cash register"
- Fill in the current cash balance

Close cash register

- depending on your configuration, complete or cancel any transaction in progress (if the option "Require validation of all orders in progress before closing the checkout" is activated, this step is mandatory)
- navigate to the ‚ÄúCheckout‚ÄĚ page and select ‚ÄúClose Checkout‚ÄĚ
- enter the cash availability amounts for the different payment methods. You can therefore check that the amounts you find in your cash register correspond to the software calculations. If the amounts found are correct, simply leave the fields unchanged, if you notice a discrepancy, you must enter the amount you found at the cash register, and the software will record a cash register error which you will find in the history.< br> - empty the cash drawer, leaving the cash for the next opening. The cash balance is an amount of cash that you can leave in the cash register in order to have change the next time you open it. You can configure the default cash amount at store level. The person carrying out the opening must check that they can find the amount left in the cash register when closing.
- disconnect from the cash register
- hand over money, checks, credit card tickets in a secure location

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