Cash terminal, Offline mode

Help for the use of cash register

Offline mode

It is possible to use the application without internet connection to prepare your order.
The orders will then be synchronized in the software as soon as you have access to the internet again.
Offline use of our software is currently only possible with our Android app, or using Chrome or Firefox on a computer.
When you have no access to the internet, the software automatically starts offline, but if the internet is connected, the online mode is enabled by default.
In offline mode, only certain functionalities are available, you will only be able to consult your catalog of articles, constitute quotes, consult your customer's notebook.
Invoices can only be sent when you reconnect to the internet and orders will have a unique number when synchronizing.
When you reconnect to the internet after using the offline mode and preparing orders, you will be automatically asked to synchronize these orders,that is to say to send them on the network to import them in database.

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