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NFC tag reading

What is a NFC tag ?
NFC tags are numeric signatures installed in most credit cards and in recent phones.Compatible cards have an small logo on the front.In order to check if an element supports NFC, simply approach it next to the reader, it should interact.On Android devices the reader is usually the back of the device. The cash register android application has to be installed in order to activate the interactions.

What can i do with NFC tags ?
With this tags, you can identify your client very quickly, with their credit card, or their phone.Just before the client payment, scan his phone or his credit card, the system will recognize him, you will therefore be able to trace the orders of a client, manage loyalty points, check debts or unpaid orders, ...
Another way to use the NFC tags is to attach the tag to your system account. Then it will be very easy to login on the cash register, just approach your credit card next to your NFC reader, and your logged in !

In order to be able to read NFC tags contained in credit cards, in mobile phones, in MiFare cards, you must either :
- have an Android device supporting NFC and you need to install the cash register application
- have a MiFare D-Logic card reader as linked in the shop, with the specific drivers we distribute running as a task (Windows only)

Requisites under Windows
Under Windows, when you ¬ĶFr D-logic NFC reader is connected to your computer, you then need to start our driver adapter software linked below. This software will run in background while you use the cash register software.
Before buying the hardware ensure this software can open on your system.

How the software handles it ?
If you are in a form of a client creation/modification, then the scanned NFC tag will be attached to this client.
During an order, if you scan an unknown NFC tag, you will have the choice to attach it to the current user or to the customer currently attached to current order.
If you scan the tag of a registered customer, then this customer will be attached to the current order.

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