Point of sale terminal, Management of accounting reports

Help for the use of cash register

Access the sales graphs

In order to view sales reports, you have to navigate to page "REPORTS".

Orders' Export as a datasheet
2 filetypes are available in order to export sales report :
- Excel : Microsoft Excel compatible file
- CSV : For other software
These reports list all the paid sales for the selected period..

PDF report
PDF reports let you access a very large number of sub-reports and graphs for the selected period.
The rendering of these files is very CPU consuming, so these files are only updated after a particular amount of time. Please refer to the date shown on the report in order to check Report generation date.
If the selected period is over, then the report will never change again, so the file is certified with cryptographic key, in order to guarantee that the file has not been altered.
This document could be used a a proof of probity.

SAF-T Export

SAF-T files are accounting reports designed for your accountant or fiscal services.
SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) is an international standard for electronic exchange of reliable accounting data from organizations to a national tax authority or external auditors.
The standard is defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
You can use softwares to view the SAF-T reports like SAF-T Analyser.
In order to check the authenticity and validity of SAF-T files, you can use our cryptographic public key.

Report templates

This feature requires an extended premium license.
If you need to regularly edit different report templates which will contain different tables according to each template, it is possible to activate the report templates on the general report configuration page.Once this option is activated, you will have access to the template configuration page, (Config page, Report templates).For each report template, you can configure the different tables that will be presented, and give a title to this template.This will then allow you, on the Reports edition page, to choose the desired report template.
For example: the "Accountant" report template could contain VAT tables, daily figures, payment method, summary figures, while the "Manager" report template could present the graph of sales during the month, sales by case , ...

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