Cash management, Multiple users

Help for the use of cash register

Setting up users

To do this, you must have administrator rights.
To access the User Configuration, navigate to the "Setup" menu and then on "Users"

Adding a new user

In order to add a new user to the list, click the "Add" button at the top of the table.
Then fill in the fields offered in the window that appears.

Modifying an existing user

To edit an existing user, double-click the field you want to edit.
When your changes are complete, press Enter to confirm the entry.
The changes are saved for each field change.

Meaning of the different fields

- Name : The user name as displayed on the receipt, and used to identify the account
- PW: The password of the user
- Rights : The rights granted to the user: Administrator, Manager, or Employee. Depending on the rights granted, the user will be able to access certain functions of the cash register.
- TTC (not editable): The total time connected with the account
- IP (not editable): The last known IP address of the user
- Last appearance (not editable): The date of the last user presence
- Total Sales (not editable): Total Cumulative sales made by the user

Different users credentials

- Administrator: Has all the rights (right to modify the store's contact details, modify the software configuration, consult the company's financial data, etc.)
- Manager: Depending on the configuration chosen, can consult the sales of the different cash registers, may be the only one able to issue a refund, or close the cash register, cannot modify the configuration of the account but can perform all other actions
- Employee: He can record sales, depending on the chosen configuration, close the cash register, and issue a refund
- Accountant: He can only view accounting reports and sales history
- Preparer: He can only access the preparation page and view the orders
- Deliverer: He can only view orders available for delivery
For each action button configured in your interface, you can choose the rights necessary to use this action.

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