Cash terminal, Variations of articles

Help for the use of cash register

Setup variations of items

In order to setup this feature, you need admin rights.
You have to first enable this feature and subscribe to an advanced premium licence.
Enabling this features can be done in the Setup, General Options, Orders page, in the part named "Items".
One this feature enabled, a new entry appears in the Setup menu, called Variations.
In this page, you need to first add a first set of variations, then list all the variations belonging to this set.
For example, the set of variations "Size" can contain the following variations : "S", "M", "L", "XL", "XXL".
Once you have added a set of variations, you have to click on the column Detail of the variation in order to edit the list of the variations.
Variations can have a title, an image, a position, and a price modificator.
Items can only be associated to one single variation.
You will then need to select which of your items or departments will have the variation choice enabled.
This can be set up in the Items setup page, or departments setup page.

Configure optional variations

For a variation, it is possible to choose whether a variation is "Terminal" or not. If this option is activated for the variation of a variation, the choice of this variation will result in the end of the choice of variations. For example: a variation "End of choice of toppings" can be added to the "Toppings" variation, to allow one or more toppings to be chosen.

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