Touch checkout, Sale with change

Help for the use of cash register

Sale with change

Select an item

Click on one of the buttons to display items of this department.To remove the filter, press ESC.If multiple pages of items are available, the next button allows you to cycle through the pages of the currently selected range.

Select the paid price

Click the button to add an item to the current order.
If multiple items are sold, first enter the number of items ordered, then press the corresponding item's button.
If the item is sold in weight, first select the weight using the numeric keypad, and then click the item's button.

Select the paid amount and the payment method

Using the numeric keypad on the left of the keypad, enter the amount paid.Select a payment method on the right of the keyboard.Nb: selecting the method of payment without entering the amount paid, then the payment is considered cash.The amount remaining to be paid appears at the end of the receipt and on the digital display of the cash register.

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