Free online POS cash register software
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Point of Sale software Compatible with Android, iOs, Windows & others
  • Sales management
  • Client management
  • Catalog management
POS software
  • Tablets (Android/iOs)
  • Phones
  • Computers (PC/Mac)
  • Specialized hardware
  • Instant subscription
Main features
  • Accounting reports
  • Barcodes
  • Table plan
  • Stock management
  • Preparation of orders
  • Automatic post mail invoice
  • Loyalty cards
  • Imports/Exports
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Web shop
Supported hardware
  • Receipt printer
  • Barcodes scanner
  • Cashbox drawer
  • Credit card processing
  • Client screen

Free cash register software

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Fast Business Operations with Free Cash Register Software

Discover the power of our Online Free Cash Register software for point of sale (POS). Free Cash Register is a software designed to store your transactions. This Online Cash register seamlessly integrates sales management, invoicing, inventory control, and customer interactions in one easy-to-use platform. Whether you're using a Computer, a Cash Register, a tablet (Android / iOs), a smartphone, or any device that can run a browser, our system is fully adaptable, supporting a wide range of devices and operating systems.

Our Free Cash Register Program offers advanced features like barcode scanning, detailed sales analytics, and real-time stock updates. Ideal for developping your businesses, this Cash Register App is Simple to use but doesn't skimp on functionality. Engage more effectively with your customers using built-in loyalty programs and targeted marketing tools available in our Cash Register Software.

Upgrade your business today with our Free Online POS System : an efficient, cost-effective solution that grows with your business. Experience the benefits of a high-caliber Cash Register App tailored to modern retail needs.

An online cash register

With all the features of a cash register
Cash register with credit card and barcode

Accept credit card
Zero installation cost, with Paypal, Sumup, Payleven !
Print receipts
A4 format or ticket format
Barcodes reader
With your webcam, camera, or laser reader
Stock management

Mobile devices friendly

IOS, Android, PC, Mac...
Multidevices POS cash register software

Free forever ! Works with any device connected to the internet (as well on mobile devices or on computers). Lets you manage unlimited number of products, generates graphs, sales reports and statistics...
Freemium software

Intuitive and efficient

Easy to set up, and even more to use
Free POS software

Easy to set up : set up all of your sale point at once.You are changing your hardware ?
No problem, your data is still available.
Secured and private : Your data is stored in high availability secured data center.
See Cash register documentation

Many features

Credit card terminal

Your credit card terminal with no installation costs, ready in 10 minutes, without any specific device

Print receipts

Plug printer in and you're done ! (any print size : "ticket size" or A4), then you can print receipts for your clients.

Free cash register software

Cash register is a free online cash register software, meant to be used on a mobile device or a computer connected to the internet.

Sales reports

Export to accounting software and Excel from a simple export (csv format).

Contactless NFC

Login or identify your clients with their credit card or mobile phone just by approaching the item next to your device

Multi-platform software

Works on Computers (PC, Mac & Others), Tablets and touch-screen devices (Apple IOS, Google Android & Others, Windows), Phones (IOS, Android...)

Barcode reading

Read barcodes with your webcam (PC/Mac), with the camera of your device (Android) or a bluetooth laser barcode reader

Stock management

Handle your stock and be alerted if your stock reaches a limit.


Import or export to spreadsheet your sales activity or item and stock list.

Delivery management

If you have to deliver your products, cash register can handle for you the process of delivery and client accounts.

Tax management, VAT margin schemes

Set up the different VAT taxes and apply it to a whole department and get your collected VAT amount at the end of any period. Enable VAT margin schemes

User management

Create a list of your employees, and grant them the appropriate rights. Then you will be able to follow your staff activity as an administrator.

Loyalty points management

The software can handle loyalty points, and give clients loyaty points for every order, which they can later use to pay.

Credit and debt management

Remember the credits and debts of your customers and proceed to payment of multiple orders at once.

Discount management

If you need to handle menu prices (containing different items) or discount management (fixed amount, or %), this cash register pos software is made for you !

Gift voucher management

Print your gift vouchers, and let your clients securely pay with it.

SAF-T compliant

This software provides signed SAF-T accounting files proving the accuracy of your accounting.

Invoice sending by post mail

Send in a single click, by post mail, your invoice for an order.

Packs of items

Add multiple items to your order in a single click.

Table/seats management

Create a mapping of the tables of your restaurant.

Prestashop items sync

Import your Prestashop data, and record Prestashop sales into the software.

Online shop

Activate webshop feature and let your clients place their orders online.

Marketing features

Lets you send a message to selected clients by email, phone message or post mail.

Send SMS

Either use the SIM card of your phone or our services to send marketing or invoicing SMS to clients.

Invoice generation

Generate & send PDF invoices, and online payment pages to let your clients pay through a specific URL.

Document certification

Numeric signature is attached to important documents, proving authenticity of certified legal documentation: meant for accountants or tax agents.

End of day report

At the closure time of your cashbox, check the amount of cash to see if it corresponds to the software's calculation.

Menus management

Configure your menus, the software can automatically group items into menus if desired.


Tools specifically designed to help you carry out your inventory.


Collect payments by holding the customer's credit card or smartphone close to your device.


Weight your products with our USB numeric scale.


Show the calories for every items and the total calories of orders.

Preparation management

Items can be prepared in several preparation places.

Automatic reductions

The software can apply automatic items or discounts depending on properties of the order.

Department groups

Items can be grouped in departments and departments can be grouped too.


Record also the sales from your own way.

Offline mode

Prepare your orders while offline, and import them in the software later.

Pager management

The software can manage the use of pagers that can ring when preparation of the order is complete.


Expedition management tool to help you ship your products
Print address sticker on your letters or packet.

Variations of items

Create sets of variations that you can attach to items or departments.

WooCommerce Sync

Synchronise your consumers and items data from WooCommerce with our solution.

Lydia payment

Process payments in a single clic with Lydia smartphone payment solution.

Suppliers orders

Manage your supplier inventory orders with purchase prices.

Starmicronics partner

Free cash register is in partnership with Starmicronics.


Please read the help section as many efforts had been made to make it useful. Email support is also available.

2018 European conformity

Cash register is in compliance with the 2018 finance laws.
You will be able to obtain your certificate as soon as your registration is complete.


Cash register has been online 100% time for several years. Your data is stored into secured private database. Nobody will ever have access to your data.


Free forever !
There is absolutely no problem using this cash register for free. Only few optionnal features are not free

Free webshop

The online storefront can be used as an online store, an online catalog, a menu that your customers can access by scanning a QR code, or a shopping cart on your own site. Your storefront catalog is updated in real time with your cash register software. Customers can consult your catalog or menu, order, pay and see the status of their orders online, or consult their order history, download PDF invoices, etc.
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