Cash management, Receipt printer

Help for the use of cash register

Printing a receipt

Using a computer (Mac, PC, ...)

In order to print a receipt, simply click on the "Print receipt" button.
The ticket is printed as it appears in the box "Receipt".
It can be either the current receipt or the receipt of a specific order, when viewing through the command history.
Printers installed on your system (Windows, Mac, ...) are automatically detected, it is not necessary to perform a particular installation in the cash register.
Please remind setting up margins on your browser, in margin and page display option page.

Using a touchpad or smartphone (IOS, Android, ...)

On mobile devices (touchpads, smartphones), you need to use Google cloud print option, and have a google cloud compatible printer (see "google cloud print" on google for more information).
Then in the SETUP, ACTIONS page, simply add a "Google cloud print" action to the action list. You will then see a Google cloud print option in the keyboard of the cash register.

Customization of receipts

If you go to the general setup page, you will be able to setup a header image for your receipts. This image can be PNG, JPG or GIF file, can the size will be resized so that the image would fit in a 350x80px rectangle. In this same page you can also setup the header and footer text of your receipts.

KKmoon POS-5802DD Receipt printer
This printer can only work using our android or iOs app from the app store or the play store. Play store address
The printer can only work in bluetooth and needs tobe paired to your device, then it will be automatically detected in our software, no setup is needed. However, if you have multiple printers, you can go to Setup, Receipt page in order to select the desired bluetooth device.
If you use the KKmon printer, you might have to change the charset of the printer to match your local charset.
Drivers KKmoon POS-5802DD).
The European charset is named PC437(Std.Europe)(1).

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