Cashier app, Prestashop synchronization

Help for the use of cash register

Prestashop items sync

In order to be able to synchronize your list of items with your prestashop account, you nedd to provide a webservice key and the domain name of your prestashop account.
When logged in with your prestashop account, go to the Advanced parameters, Webservice page.
In this page, click the "Add new key" button.
You will have to generate a key, copy it for later use, then check all the GET rights.
In your cash register, simply provide in the Setup > General options > Orders page, your API key and the domain of your presta-shop (ex :
Then the Synchronize button in items setup page, will let you choose what kind of modification you want to import to the system.

Prestashop module

Recording sales made on your Prestashop into our POS software
It is possible in Prestashop to activate a module that will transmit every sale that is made on your Prestashop website into our cash register software.This way you can centralize all your data.First, you need to install this prestashop module.Then, in Prestashop backoffice, go to to module manager, choose Add a module and then select the previously downloaded file.Now in the modules list, you can configure the Cash register module.Copy and paste the API key and shop id you can find in the config, webservice page of cash register software into the configuration form of the module.
Shipping prices are subject to VAT.The VAT is calculated as the minimum of the different VATs in the order (if not null).

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