Cash terminal, Loyalty cards

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Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards allow you to set up automatic discounts that will be applied as soon as a customer completes their loyalty card.
It can be for example "a pizza offered for 10 pizzas purchased", or "an article at -50% from the 5th article purchased".
During each of their orders, your customers will see their loyalty card(s) credited according to the items purchased.
You can choose the department for which the items will earn points on their loyalty card(s).
You can also leave this department free, in such a case, items from all departments will earn points on the loyalty card.
You can also choose the department of the item the discount will be on, for example choose that the discount will be on a pizza.
If the software finds several items belonging to the specified department, it will choose the cheapest of the ticket to apply the discount.
If you leave the department on which the reduction will apply as blank, the software considers that all the departments are eligible, and will simply take the cheapest item from the receipt when the loyalty card is completed.

Loyalty points

If you want to give to your clients loyalty points they could then use as a payment method, simply activate the Loyalty points feature in the General config page.
You will then have to provide the amount of points earned with 1 unit of money, and the amout of money they will get from 1 loyalty point.
Current custommer's loyalty points are shown in the receipts
In order to activate payment with Loyalty points, you have to add the payment action of type "Loyaty points payment" in the Actions setup page.

Client referal

On the Configuration page, General options, Loyalty insert, you can activate customer referal.
It is then possible to configure the amount that will be offered to the referer as well as the amount that will be offered to the referee.
Once the configuration is done, a referer code is displayed for your customers on the receipt, and this referer code can also be added to the order confirmation messages by email, and by SMS.

Each customer has a different referral code. A customer's referral code never changes.Your customers can thus recommend you to their friends, and communicate to them a code which will allow the referer and the referee to obtain the rewards that you have configured, as a credit note.This code can be entered in the a new customer account page, as well on the online store and on the sales interface reserved to you.

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