Cash register system, Inventory purchases and suppliers

Help for the use of cash register

Stock buying prices and suppliers

This module allows you to record your stock orders in the software.
            You can register your stock orders and indicate to the software the reception of the goods so that it integrates the items ordered in the stock.
            This allows you to get better management of your purchase prices as well as your margin.
            The software memorizes each purchase price, and returns in the reports a precise calculation of your margin according to the purchase prices of your goods.
            In this way, you can edit your purchase orders, receipt forms in one click and send them to your suppliers.

Suppliers setup and purchase price management

First, you need to activate supplier management on the Config page, General options.
            Once this option is activated, a new entry appears in the configuration menu, entitled "Suppliers".
            In this page, you can enter the name, contact details (postal, email, telephone) of your supplier (s), and the default delivery time for this supplier.
Once you have completed the list of your suppliers, you must indicate to the software which products are supplied by one supplier, and which products are supplied by another.            It is possible to set this up for a whole department or for a single product (every product can have a different supplier).            The setup of a department supplier is done on the department setup page, and the setup of supplier by product is done on the items setup page.
            Once these two steps are complete, your setup is complete.
            You can now register supplier orders.
            First of all, you can quickly identify the articles whose stock must be renewed on the cashbox closing page or on the Config, Suppliers, Stocks page.
            This page presents all the products in ascending order of stock, as well as the suppliers associated with the products.
            By clicking on the name of a supplier, you can open the supplier detail window.
            In this window, a "Stock renewal" tab allows you to obtain the list of articles from this supplier.
In this table, for each article of the supplier, you can consult the remaining stock, the stock pending orders, the quantity sold of this stock in the last month, the level of stock from which an alert is sent. < br>            With this information, you can then enter the quantities of products from this supplier that you want to order, as well as the purchase prices of these products, then enter the expected time before delivery, before registering the order.
            When the order is registered, different options are now available to you:
             - Edit an order form to download in PDF, or send the order form by post mail to the supplier's address (automated mailing), or by email.
             - Indicate to the software that the supplier order has been sent.
             - Indicate to the software that the supplier order is well received, in which case the software integrates the products received into your stocks.
             It is then possible to browse the history of supplier orders, to see which products are in transit, for a particular supplier or for every suppliers.
             When the supplier management is activated, it remains possible to manually modify the stock of an article, in such a case, the software considers that the purchase price is the default purchase price of the articles.
             When you make a direct sale, or a sale via the online store, the software will debit the stocks starting with the first received goods, and will debit the other stocks of this product when it runs out.
             If there are items in the stock that are not from a supplier order, the software will debit this stock first.

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