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Send quotations or invoices

It is possible to send an invoice or a quotation using several methods: post mail, electronic mail or SMS.
If the order has not been validated, a quote is sent, otherwise an invoice.
In order to send an invoice to the customer, simply press the corresponding sending button at the bottom of the ticket among the quick action buttons, or the action button in the main interface.
It is possible to activate in the setup page an option in order to automatically send invoice when an order is validated.
You can add "Send by SMS", "Send by mail", "Send by email" action buttons in the action setup page of the software.
The sending of the invoices by SMS and by automated post mail requires credits you can buy in account page.
If a customer account is attached to the order, its details (email, postal address, or phone number) will be used for sending.
The cash register software affixes to the PDF document an numeric signature that garantees authenticity of the document.

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