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Tickets for events

It is possible to automatically print several tickets for an order, for example tickets for a show or an event.
To obtain the automated printing of "event" tickets, you must first activate the management of measurement units for the articles.
This is done on the Config page, General options, Orders, then in the Articles paragraph, activate the option "Activate the use of measurement units for items and departments".
Once you have activated this option, you must go to the items setup page, and modify your items which are of type "Event".
For these items, you must configure the "Place" unit which corresponds to a place for an event (concert, performance, screening, etc.).
When the item is configured as a "Place", it is then automatically printed, in addition to the sales receipt, one receipt per "Place" sold, in addition to the sales receipt.
Note: items for sale which are events should be added for every show.
For example, if you have a show tonight at 10:30 p.m. called "Schreck", you must then add an item entitled "Schreck at mm/dd 10:30 pm", and configure your unit as "Place", in this way the name and time of the show will be correctly displayed on the event tickets.
Please note that the event ticket will only be printed if the order is validated.

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