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Delivery management

When you activate the delivery method "Delivery", new options are presented to you.
Minimum amount for delivery: the minimum amount of the order for delivery to be accepted.
Management of delivery zones: when activated, this option allows you to obtain a new configuration page for "Delivery zones".
Delivery management page:
This page allows your deliverers to have an interface to be able to consult the list of orders awaiting delivery, view the deliveries pending on a map, assign the delivery of an order, launch GPS navigation to the delivery destination, record the receipt of an order upon delivery.

Configuration of delivery zones.
Once activated, you can configure the delivery zones on the Config, Delivery zones page.
A delivery zone is defined by an address and a department.
The address entered is used to define the GPS coordinates of the center of the circle representing the delivery area, in combination with the radius of the delivery area (in kilometers).
When your delivery zones are configured, you will then be able to filter the orders to be delivered according to their delivery zone on the delivery management page.

External delivery people - Sharing delivery people between stores

Activating the "External deliverers" feature will allow you to appear among the stores available on our platform for deliverers.
If you want to share delivery people between several shops, this platform will allow delivery people to access the orders to be delivered from several shops.
The deliverers can then access the site and fill in the necessary fields to create an account on this platform.
Then they will see the establishments close to their address displayed on a map, taking into account the range of action specified during account creation.
For each establishment, they will need to use an "Apply" button and a message will be sent to the administrators of your store so that they accept the request.
All administrators will receive a notification in the application telling them to go to the Deliverers configuration page in order to accept the request.
In the configuration page of the deliverers, the administrators have the possibility to accept a delivery person's application, to refuse, to revoke the rights of a delivery person, to consult the information communicated by the delivery person, the number of deliveries that he has made .
Once their application is accepted, the delivery person will be able to access the list of orders to be delivered for the establishment, and indicators will be added to the map for each order to be delivered.
The delivery person will thus have a map indicating from which store, and to which customer to deliver pending orders.

Shipping cost

This functionality can be combined with automatic supplements, which allow you to configure delivery costs which may depend on the delivery zones, and which will be applied automatically if the customer orders delivery, both in the sales interface and in the store. online.
Community delivery platform

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