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We are a small organization, and we need encouragement.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide free support for all users of this software.
We receive a large number of requests which most of the time require significant work to be able to respond to you properly.
If you need assistance, we invite you to subscribe, even temporarily, to an extended license of the software.
The minimum duration of subscription to the extended license is only 15 days for 14‚ā¨
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Most of the modifications made to the cash register are user submitted ideas.
We do really appreciate your suggestions, which are very important for us to improve this software.
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Please make sure to do an accurate description, to specify the page on the website where you found it, and a scenario in order to reproduce it.
Our team will do its best in order to correct it as soon as possible.
In order to submit a problem, please do not forget to describe :
How to reproduce it
- what you have done
- what should have happened
- what happened
- where it happened (page site)

Elements that triggers it
- is the bug systematic ?
- what causes it ?
- is the bug related to your configuration ?

There is no need to report several times a single problem, but if you have new information about it, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Before asking for some help, please ensure that the answer is not already in the help pages.
We do not provide phone support, please always write your question in the form.
Every emails are read, but bugs, and request from licensed user will be processed in priority.

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