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Yavin : Configure credit card payments with a bank TPE

Yavin payment terminals allow you to collect sales by credit card. These terminals are CB, Visa, Mastercard, American Express compatible and accept contact and contactless payments. You are free to use the Yavin payment contract or your bank's contract.
The terminal can be controlled by our software via the Yavin Cloud gateway using the Wi-Fi connection (configuration 1 tablet + 1 Yavin terminal), it is also possible to use our application directly on the Yavin terminal. When payment with a Yavin terminal is activated, a payment button on the interface will allow you to initiate payment on the Yavin terminal.
The software will automatically communicate to the terminal the amount to be cashed.
In the same way, cancellations are made using a button provided for this purpose in the interface. Our software will then receive the payment notification in order to record the result of the operation.
You can configure Yavin on the Config page, General options, Payment methods.

Integration using Yavin Cloud
This method allows you to control your Yavin terminal on the go by using the Internet network to communicate with the terminal. Ticket printing on the terminal is not available with this integration. You will need to provide your secret key as well as your terminal identifier in order to configure the integration. Your secret key can be found in your Yavin admin interface ( ), while that the terminal identifier can be obtained in the Yavin Pay application (on the terminal, Settings menu, About, Serial number).
To complete the configuration, you will also need to configure your Yavin account, and in your Yavin interface, on the notifications configuration page, in the Webhook tab, you must set the value " NIPYavin.php" for the Webhook field.

Integration using terminal only
It is possible to install directly on your Yavin terminal, to do this, simply install it from the store, no configuration is necessary.

Go to, to get your CB payment terminal .

Obtain a CB Yavin payment terminal

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