Point of sale terminal (POS), Shelf management

Help for the use of cash register

Setting up departments

To do this, you must have administrator rights.
To access the configuration page of the departments, navigate to the "Setup", then submenu "Departments"

Adding a new department

To add a new department to the list, click on the "Add" button at the top of the table.Then fill in the fields offered in the window that appears.

Modifying an existing department

In order to edit an existing department, double click the field you want to edit.
When your changes are complete, press Enter to confirm the entry.
The changes are saved for each field change.
To change the image of an existing item, click on the image and fill in the resulting form.

Meaning of the different fields

- Name : The name of the department as it appears on the receipt and on the keyboard
- VAT : The VAT rate which applies by default to the department items
- Discount: The discount that applies by default to the department items
- Image: the image that is displayed on the key on the cash register (this image must weight less than 2MO and be in JPG or PNG)

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