Checkout solution, Product management (PLU)

Help for the use of cash register

Setting up items

To do this, you must have administrator rights.
To access the items configuration page, browse to the "Configuration" menu, then "Items".

Adding a new item

In order to add a new item to the list, click the "Add" button at the top of the table.Then fill in the fields offered in the window that appears.

Modifying an existing item

To edit an existing article, double-click the field you want to edit.
When your changes are complete, press Enter to confirm the entry.
The changes are saved for each field change.
To change the image of an existing item, click on the image and fill in the resulting form.

Meaning of the different fields

- Name: The name of the item as it appears on the receipt and on the keyboard- VAT: The VAT rate that applies for this item. If "Department" is selected (default), the department's VAT is configured.- Discount : The discount that applies for this item. If "Department" is selected (default) the department's discount is configured.- Price: The price of the item- Department: The departmentin which this item belongs- Image: The image that is displayed on the key on the cash register (this image must weight less than 2MO and be in JPG or PNG)- Position: The position of the entry on the keyboard. You can also drag and drop the line to change the display order.

Buying price management

Activating the Buying price management feature in the General Option page will let you provide a buying price for your items.The generated reports will let you get figures about the benefits you made on the sales.

Items invisible on the receipts

It is possible to configure items that will be invisible on the receipt. To be invisible on the receipt, the price of the item must be zero, and its title must begin with "/*/*" (character string "slash star slash star"). Invisible items can be used as ingredients if you want to do inventory management for ingredients for example. These items will only be invisible on customer receipts, and will be visible in other displays.

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