POS software, Actions/payment methods

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Actions/payment methods

To do this, you must have administrator rights.
To access the actions configuration page, navigate to the "Settings", then under "Actions" menu

Adding a new action

To add a new action to the list, click on the "Add" button at the top of the table.
Then fill in the fields offered in the window that appears.

Modifying an existing action

To edit an existing action, double-click the field you want to edit.
When your changes are complete, press Enter to confirm the change.
The changes are saved for each field change.

Meaning of the different fields

- Name : The name as displayed on the receipt and on the keyboard
- Position : The position of the entry on the keyboard. You can also drag and drop the line to change the display order.
- Type : The type of action.

Differents types of actions

These types are fixed: Cash, Credit card, Check, Cash refund, CB refund, Check refund
The type influences the processing of the transaction, the refunds actions are not available to employees, but only to managers and administrators.
Some types are special:
- Ticket printing : Configure an action that triggers printing of the current receipt
- Subtotal : Allows a subtotal of the order
- New command : allows to pause the current order and start a new one

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