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Help for the use of cash register

Setup smartphone payments with Lydia

Lydia is the best solution if you want to save time !
When processing payment, in a single clic, you can ask for the payment of the right amount on your client's smartphone.
Your client only needs then to accept or refuse the payment.
No physical contact is necessary, not even the physical presence of your client !
You can then record the order of your client and ask for payment in advance and your client only needs to accept the payment on his way to get the product.
How to setup Lydia payment solution ?From the Setup page, General options, Payment, you can enable the option "Lydia payment".
This will make new options appear and a button in order to ask for an account creation on Lydia.
This button will use the email, address, phone number you provided in the software in order to ask Lydia to create an account for you.
Lydia will then send an email to you containing the following instructions in order to activate your account.
Using this button will give you private and public tokens that are automatically filled into the setup options, just save in order to keep this information.
If you already have a Lydia account, you just need to fill in the private and public tokens that have been emailed to you.
When the private and public tokens are saved, this will add two actions on the main cash register layout :
- during an order you can use the "Lydia payment" button in order to ask the client to pay the amount of the order on his smartphone (user must have installed Lydia app)
- "Lydia refund" action lets you make a refund to a client. The money will be automatically sent to the client on his smartphone.
Fees are 10cts + 1.5% Lydia
More information : Lydia smartphone payment

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