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Help for the use of cash register

Set up direct debit payments with GoCardless

GoCardless allows you to withdraw money from your customers' bank accounts.
Once the direct debit mandate has been created, the customer no longer has to intervene in the payment process.
When registering, customers must complete a direct debit mandate, with their RIB number, then the software can directly debit the customer's bank account.
In order to set up this payment method, you must first have a GoCardless account.

Create a GoCardless account
In this software, on the Config, General Options, Payment page, activate the ‚ÄúGoCardless Payment‚ÄĚ option, indicate if your account is a sandbox account (the sandbox account allows fictitious operations to be carried out, it requires opening a gocardless account in sandbox mode at this address: ), then use the GocardLess button to connect your GocardLess account to the software.
Once this step is completed, the configuration is complete.
A new action button is automatically added to the interface, entitled "GoCardless", and allows you to trigger a payment with GoCardless.
By using this action button, payment for the current order amount is automatically sent to GoCardless for collection.
If your customer has already entered their direct debit mandate, the amount to be paid will be automatically debited from their account, and no additional steps are necessary. If your customer has not yet completed their direct debit mandate, they will be invited by email to complete the form online (this takes 2 minutes to complete). GoCardless will send emails to notify the customer of the implementation of a debit on their account. If the order is then canceled, or refunded, the software then automatically cancels the direct debit, and the customer is not debited.
It is possible by going through the Config, Customers page, then selecting a customer receivable, to pay for multiple orders in one go, with GoCardless.
2% transaction fees + 20cts

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