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Accounting chapters management

The accounting chapters management function in this software allows you to fill in your accounting chapters for items, departments, VAT, payment methods and cashboxes, these accounting chapters are then used in reports, as well as in the format of accounting export in CSV.
This feature must be enabled to be used. Activation is done on the Configuration page, General options.
Data to be filled in:
1 / entering an activity code on the articles (example 703 if production - 707 if resale of goods - 0 if the article's accounting code is the one assigned to the department)
2 / entering an activity code on the departments (the value assigned will be used by default for all the items in the department)
3 / Entering an accounting chapter for the groups of departments, the accounting code of an article will be the combination of the activity code and the accounting chapter. If the department groups are not activated, the store's default accounting chapter will be used.
4 / entering an accounting code on the VAT rates
5 / entering an account code according to the payment method (example 582 for checks)
6 / entering a journal code for the accounting export (each case has its journal code)

Once the accounting chapters have been configured, you will be able to obtain a new type of report (on the Report page), called "CSV accounting export".
This report contains one line per item sold with all the mandatory fields (Journal code - Invoice date - Invoice number - Accounting code - Customer - Title - Debit - Credit - Quantity).

Example for a sale on 12/12/2020 of 12 eggs at 1 euros paid in cash for 5 euros - 1 restaurant ticket of 5 euros - 1 blue card of 2 euros under invoice n ¬į 202012054 to Monsieur dupont with VAT at 5.5%
70; 12/12/2020; 202012054; 702; DUPONT; EGGS; 0.00; 11.37; 12
70; 12/12/2020; 202012054; 445712; DUPONT; VAT5.5%; 0.00; 0.63; 0.0
70; 12/12/2020; 202012054; 53; DUPONT; ESPECE; 5.00; 0.00; 0.00
70; 12/12/2020; 202012054; 583; DUPONT; TICKETRESTO; 5.00; 0.00; 0.00
70; 12/12/2020; 202012054; 584; DUPONT; CARTEBLEU; 2.00; 0.00; 0.00

In addition, in PDF and HTML reports, provided you have activated this table in the report configuration options, you can now obtain a summary table by accounting chapter.

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