Cash register system, Cash management

Help for the use of cash register

Setting up cashboxes

To do this, you must have administrator rights.
To access the Cashboxes Configuration, navigate to the "Setup" menu and then on "Cashboxes"

Adding a new cashbox

To add a new cashbox to the list, click on the "Add" button at the top of the table.
Then fill in the fields offered in the window that appears.

Modifying an existing cashbox

To edit an existing cashbox, double-click the field you want to edit.
When your changes are complete, press Enter to confirm the entry.
The changes are saved for each field change.

Meaning of the different fields

- Name : The name of the fund as displayed on the receipt
- Petty cash box: The amount of money left in the cashbox for the next opening
- Balance : The present amount of cash on hand
- Creation date : The date of creation of the cashbox
- State : The state of the cashbox : Open or closed (a closed box may not have activity)
- State Change : The date and time when the case was opened / closed for the last time

Set up default petty cash amount

In order to change the default petty cashbox amount that your employees will have to leave in the cashbox on closure, you need to go to Setup page, then Payment tab.

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