Cashier app, General configuration options

Help for the use of cash register

General preferences

To access this page, you must have administrator rights.
To access the General Configuration page, navigate to the SETUP page then on "General Options"
Within this page, you can change the name of the shop, the petty cashbox by default, the default VAT type (among configured VAT types)the calculation of VAT *, and also set the header and footer of receipts issued by the cash register.
* The method of calculating VAT can be included or excluded.
If VAT is included, then the prices entered will be considered including VAT.
In this page you can also set up paypal payment (see respective help pages), setup the closing time of your shop and your timezone.
The ID card option is for when you want sellers to have to type in a ID card number attached to the order when the payment method is check.
The currency will be used in all the software. If you need to use several currencies, you have to create a seccond account.

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