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Help for the use of cash register


When setup of barcodes is finished you can now start using barcodes for product detection.
Just go to the keyboard page and start to scan barcodes.

Best way to manipulate
At first it is quite difficult to be efficient with camera barcode reading, but with some little training, it improves a lot.You have to remember that with camera devices you have to put the barcode on the good direction (horizontally), not too close to the captor (10 cm) and it can still work quite far (it detects white squares). The detection works better under a good light.
On the android application, use the volume buttons you may have on your device to start or stop barcode scanning. Hold the object steady, otherwise the image is blur, and detection will not work.When a barcode is detected, you device should vibrate and play a little sound (only a sound on computer).

Manual barcode typing
If you can't manage to get a parcicular barcode to be read, you can still type in the number of the bar code : first press space button, then type in the barcode. As soon as only one barcode matches what you entered, a sound is played.

Testing barcode
If you just want to test barcodes before production, you can print the code below :
Cash register barcode

Page de debug de Code barre

Test page for barcode readers : Barcode reader debug tool

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