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In order to use the barcode detection on cash register software, you need to dispose of either a webcam, a device with a camera (touchpad,...), or a laser barcode reader pluged in.

How to activate functionality
In order to activate the barcode reading function, you have to go to the SETUP page, then GENERAL OPTIONS, then check the option "Barcode reading".

Webcam activation (PC,Mac)
On a computer, Flash player is used to access the webcam. You then need to have flash installed on your browser. Then when checkeing the barcode option in setup page, you should check if you webcam is properly shown in the pop up that appears. This config option will only be saved for the current device..

Android activation (Phone, Touchpad,...)
In order to use your touchpad's camera to read barcode, you first need to install the latest android application of Cash register.

Laser barcode reading (PC,Mac)
In order to use your laser barcode reader, you need to plug it either in USB or PS/2 mode to your computer as explained in the config manual of the reader.
Barcode readers just work like keyboards. These devices just type in very quickly the number represented by the barcode (this number is also written under the barcode), followed by the simulation of the Return key (depending on hardware and setup).
In order to check that your barcode reader is working properly, use it while having of text editor opened. The barcode reader should type into your document the number of your barcode. If it writes letters, it means the setup of your barcode is incorrect, you should then check your language settings in your OS (Windows, ...) or change some language settings in your barcode reader.Otherwise, depending on your barcode reader, you might check in case of trouble : caps lock OFF on your keyboard , and you may have to click on the header (cursor blinking at the display line section, gray on the top of menu with news, start, history.... ).A button on the layout of the cash register can let you switch to "Barcode reading mode". When you switch to this mode, the software will be able to correct any problems with the language setting of your OS or barcode reader, and will let you process barcodes only (no other operation permitted with the keyboard shortcuts).

Recognized barcode formats
  • Aztec 2D barcode format
  • CODABAR 1D format
  • QR Code 2D barcode format
  • DataMatrix 2D barcode format
  • UPC-E 1D format
  • UPC-A 1D format
  • UPC/EAN format (as extension)
  • EAN-8 1D format
  • EAN-13 1D format
  • Code 128 1D format
  • Code 93 1D format
  • Code 39 1D format
  • ITF (Interleaved Two of Five) 1D format
  • PDF417 format
  • RSS 14

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