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Caller phone number management

Compatible under Windows only, with the modem US Robotics, using our application from the Windows Store.
This feature allows you to open the customer file when they call you on your landline.
The US Robotics modem must be connected to your landline as well as to your Windows computer (USB).
Once your device is connected to the computer, connected to COM3 port, the drivers installed, launch our Windows Store application.
Navigate to the Config, General Options, Hardware page, and activate the option "Using the US Robotics modem" and save.
You should see a message "US Robotics modem detected" indicating that the configuration was successful.
Once this operation is done, when an incoming call arrives on the line, the software detects the caller's number and displays the corresponding customer account in the application.
If no matching customer is found, the application offers to create a new customer account with pre-filled phone number.

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