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A coupon is a code which gives access to a reduction, and which can be used by the customer if the conditions of application are met.
The customer can use the coupon face-to-face or on the online store (and enter the coupon code himself), the software will check if the application conditions are met before applying the discount.
One coupon can only be used once per order.
In order to use coupons, you must activate the "Coupons" on the Config, General options, Loyalty page.
It is then possible to configure "Coupons" that can be used by customers and their conditions of application on the Configuration, Coupons page.
You have the possibility to configure conditions for the coupon to be accepted, these conditions can be:
- Maximum number of total uses (The number of times this coupon can be used, in total, for all customers)
- Minimum order amount required (The order amount required for the coupon to be redeemed)
- Order must contain an item (The coupon can only be used if the order contains a particular item)
- Order must contain an item of a department
- Start date (The coupon can only be used from this date)
- End date
- For a client (The coupon can only be used by one customer)
- For a client group
- Only one usage per client (The coupon can only be used once for a single order by each customer)
- Minimum number of items (The discount voucher can only be used if the order contains a minimum number of items)
- Cashbox (The coupon can only be used on a specific cashbox)
- Delivery method

To configure the coupon, you must also choose the discount that will be applied.
This reduction will be chosen among the configured reductions whose reduction is not a "Fixed price/Menu" type reduction, but only reductions of a fixed percentage, or a fixed amount.
The reduction applies to the order, the percentage reductions will be applied to the subtotal of the order.
From the configuration page of reduction coupons, you will be able for each reduction coupon to use a "Send" button, which allows you to launch a marketing campaign to communicate the coupon code to your customers (by email, SMS, etc.).
When the coupon feature is enabled, the software automatically adds a new action button in the main sales interface, entitled "Coupon", allowing you to enter the code of a reduction coupon.

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