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Our cash register software takes care of sales management, Viva.com takes care of collecting payments.

Sales management with free-cash-register.net

Caisse.registereuse.fr collects your sales, thus obtaining sales reports, accounting exports, a tool compliant with French tax laws, management of your customers, marketing tools, management of your catalog, deliveries, preparation, shipments, ...

Collect payments by card with Viva.com

With or without TPE (Visa, Mastercard, CB, Amex, UnionPay, Google & Apple Pay, etc.).
Viva.com offers TAP ON ANY DEVICE on iOs and Android (use your smartphone to cash credit cards).
Viva.com also offers physical card readers.
Collection commission: 1.4% (*)

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(*) Commission moyenne sur le modèle interchange++ pour les cartes de paiement domestiques de débit et de crédit en France (Carte Bancaire, Visa, Mastercard ...). Le montant de la commission peut varier en fonction du type de carte du client. Pour tout complément d’information se référer au site du partenaire : www.viva.com