CA Cash register



Software update: many new features !

Text search is now searching for items that starts with the type text, instead of containing it. If you want to search for an item containing the type text, add a extra space at the beginning of your search.
Webservices : calling syntax was changed in order to proceed to improvements. Please update your code (the old one will remain operational).
New feature : possibility to drag and drop the items an the receipt to re-order them (needs to be activated in setup page).
Possibility to show Public notes on the PDF receipt.
Possibility to setup ESC button to only cancel last item of order.
Now synchronize clients with Prestashop.
Possibility to show payment dates on PDF receipts.
Loyalty points : possibility to setup a minimal amount for using the points.
Possibility to setup a fixed amount of loyalty points for every order.
New Starmicronics printer support.